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How important is your golf equipment to your golf swing?
What is lie angle?
How important is the length of the club?
What does the shaft flex have to do with my golf shots?
How does grip size effect my golf shots?
There are lots of questions and a lot of people would say I need to fix my swing before I have my clubs fitted. Well I can show you how your clubs can effect how far your ball goes and which direction it will go in.
The best person to fit you for your clubs would be your coach or a Golf Professional from a recognized PGA. These people know about the golf swing or your swing so they are the best people to ask about what clubs you should use.
The best place to be fitted is on a flat surface outdoors. I have tried over the years to fit golf clubs at indoor facilities and I have found it impossible. The reason for this is on the golf course we react to where the ball goes. Indoors our swing will not react to the ball, as we don`t get the opportunity to see where it goes. No simulator can give you the real thing it is what it is ,a simulation.
The person that is fitting you also has to take responsibiltiy for the fit. One thing I do is I gaurantee what I do and I am human and I do make mistakes, but I will fix the problem. So you need to contact me if you have any questions.
What is a standard golf club? Well the text books that the PGA provide me with tells me that the std length of a golf club, a 5 iron as example should be 37.5 inches long in its playing position. The lie angle should be 61 degrees and the loft 26 degrees.
I have taken from the Golf Companies websites the std`s of some of there golf clubs.
Ping K 15 - 5iron, Lgth 37.75 inches ,lie angle 60.75degrees, loft 26 degrees
Titleist AP1- 5 iron Lgth 38inches , lie angle 62degrees, loft 27 degrees.
Mizuno JPX 800 - 5 iron Lgth 37.75 inches, lie angle 60.5 degrees, loft 25 degrees.
So you can see that each company has a different opinion on what std really is. Now you add in shaft flex, what is regular flex, example the best steel shaft maker in the world True Temper has approx 20 different types of shafts, when we measure all of the shafts they say are regular they all are different as they all offer the player something different.
Most manufacturers cut there shafts so that as the club gets shorter they will become stiffer. So you can have 1 flex between each shaft.
This is quite easy for me to measure with a shaft frequency machine, which I have on site.
I also use a Ball Flight monitor, I use Flightscope, I have used this machine for about 5 years. This machine doesn`t fit you it valid dates my fitting and I use it to show you how much your equipment effects your shots.
I have seen unexperienced people use these tools and think the numbers are fine, well you need to look at the golf swing first.
The Great Ben Hogan played a club that was 6 degrees flat
Jack Nicklaus played a club that was 5 degrees upright
Ray Floyd played a club that was 10 degrees upright
Tiger Woods plays a club that is 1 degree upright.
So the facts are that eveyone is different.
Retro Fit
I have the expertise and equipment to rebuild your current clubs to improve your golf swing.

Custom Irons include Putters, Wedges, Long Irons and Drivers.